Fixing mental healthcare to empower everyone.

A healthcare company? A tech company? Both.

We think the smartest people should be working on the hardest problems. We're dedicated to transforming mental health through innovations in virtual care, data measurement, and data science.


Platform powered virtual care

We're building a platform used by our in-house clinical team to deliver evidence-based therapy and psychiatry in structured, goal-oriented messaging sessions.

Our outcomes look promising—lowering the inpatient readmission rate, ER admission rate, mental health costs and physical costs.

We'll publish our care model findings in 2020.

Paradigm Shifting Technology

What if we can detect symptoms getting worse? What if we can predict it?

We're measuring human-computer interactions, and using machine learning to develop breakthrough technology.

This technology is integrated into our care platform to help guide targeted proactive care.


Powered by people

Our growing team of 100+ employees is made up of brilliant people with diverse perspectives.

Preeminent scientific leaders from the National Institute for Mental Health, Stanford Center for Neurobiological Imaging, and the National Cancer Institute.

Innovative technologists who’ve led consumer tech companies like Uber, Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter.

Healthcare professionals from acclaimed organizations like Stanford Health Care, Oscar Health, Grail, and Verily.

If you like what we're doing, we'd love to talk.



Mindstrong was founded by leading authorities in artificial intelligence, neuroscience and medicine.


Mindstrong is backed by industry leading investors.

Board of Directors

Rick Klausner, MD
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA
President and CEO,
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Jim Tanabaum, MD
CEO and Founder, Foresite Capital

Hemant Taneja, M.Eng.
Managing Director, General Catalyst

Larry C. Renfro
Managing Partner, Optum Ventures

Daniel Graf
Chief Executive Officer

Scientific Advisory Board

Ian Gotlib, PhD
Professor and Chair, Psychology,
Stanford University

Sophia Vinogradov, MD
Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry,
University of Minnesota

Philip D. Harvey, PhD
Leonard M. Miller Professor of Psychiatry
University of Miami

Amit Etkin, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Stanford University

Michael Frumkin, MS
Director, Google Accelerated Science;

Walter Greenleaf, PhD
Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Stanford University

Tom Gruber, PhD
Founder and CTO Siri, Inc (acquired by Apple)

Ethical-Legal-Social Implications (ELSI) Board

Paul Gionfriddo
President & CEO, Mental Health America

Brandon Staglin
President, One Mind

Nev Jones, PhD
Director of Research, Felton Institute

Sharon Terry, MA
President & CEO, Genetic Alliance

Katherine Switz, MBA
Founder & Executive Director, The Stability Network

Monica Luke
Executive Director, Living Assistance Fund

Nicole Martinez, PhD, JD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Bioethics

intellectual property

Mindstrong has developed and patented a biomarker panel that measures brain function from interaction patterns captured passively and continuously from human-computer interfaces found in ubiquitous mobile technology.