Welcome to a new state of mind.

Change— although it’s an inevitable fact of life, it can feel intimidating and unexpected. Change can also be an incredible experience that brings about exciting discoveries and revolutionary innovations. Since beginning our journey in 2019, Mindstrong has been dedicated to helping our members grow and improve their mental health— including those with serious mental illness. Now, in 2022, we are ready to show you a new phase of Mindstrong that reflects how committed we are to bringing together care, technology, and data to help members feel better, do better, and stay better. Having the strength to tackle anything has always been a core part of Mindstrong’s approach to mental health care and our refreshed look represents both that strength and the support we strive to provide our members. No matter what you’re facing, you can count on us to grow and evolve with you. 

As we encounter change, our lives become more vibrant, dynamic and complex. This is reflected in our new color palette and splashes of colorful gradations— together, they evoke the energy and motion of each member’s unique journey. Our bright new logo is simple, approachable, and bold.


The two mirrored halves represent the right and left brain— each is powerful on its own, but they are stronger and more balanced when they come together. While our original horizontal orientation will always represent the unity and connection our members have within themselves and with their providers, we wanted to debut a new way of seeing our name. Now, “MIND” sits atop a solid foundation of “STRONG” as a testament to the reliable mental health support we will always provide our members. You will see both versions throughout your journey with Mindstrong!

Our strong commitment to the care of our members extends to their experience while using the app. While we’re kicking off our new look today, in the coming months you will notice continual improvements and new styling updates. These will include an improved scheduling flow and more personalized articles and videos. Powerful features such as the ability to actively track progress on your self care journey will be rolling out soon after. We hope these ongoing enhancements and new tools will delight you and make your path toward improved mental wellness as smooth as possible.

Whether you’ve been here since our humble beginnings or are just joining the Mindstrong family, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your mental health care journey. With over 70% of our members reporting improved mental health since joining Mindstrong, we’re excited to be by your side as we embark on this life-changing experience of growth and change together. Wherever you are, however you’re doing, Mindstrong will be here to help you move forward.

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Mindstrong Team
Mindstrong Team

Mindstrong provides therapy and psychiatry services through your smartphone and is a covered benefit of many health insurance plans.