Serenbe & the search for a therapist


Last weekend, I carved out time for self-care and refueling and did a weekend trip to Serenbe with two of my dearest friends. While at the spa, we saw the card for a local therapist and got to talking about our own experiences. My friend Emma (not her real name) has had finding a therapist on her “to do list” for a few months, but the task felt daunting.

Questions like “where do I start?” “how do I know if we’ll be a good fit for each other?” “do they take insurance” and “do I even need therapy?” all bubbled over, and she was left feeling depleted and confused before even getting started. Even with an explosion in mental health offerings, ranging from in person to online to a hybrid of the two, Emma’s experience is increasingly the norm.

At Mindstrong, we saw how overwhelming the path to finding a therapist could be and partnered with OnePoll to conduct a survey for Mental Health Awareness Month. 2,000 people were surveyed and the tune is similar to my friend Emma’s: 72% say searching for the right therapist overwhelms them, 64% are seeking a therapist who can cater to their individual needs, and folks see an average of 3 therapists before finding a good fit. Technology is helping though; 70% of people said technology has made it easier than ever to find a therapist who’s accessible.

Mindstrong is focused on addressing many of these barriers to mental health care with our diverse Care Team, individualized member Care Plans, and proprietary technology:

  1. Mindstrong Care Teams are based on members’ unique needs and can include: Therapists, who tap multiple evidence-based therapy modalities to support member progress, Care Partners, who help members navigate care and social determinants, and Psychiatrists/Nurse Practitioners, who ensure members in need are assessed and supported for appropriate medication needs.
  2. Each Mindstrong member receives an individualized Care Plan to address not just mental and emotional health, but also their overall wellbeing, like meaningful and pleasurable activities and support with his relationships and social life.
  3. Our proprietary technology sends intelligent, clinically-informed symptom surveys to members automatically, in between sessions to ensure ongoing support and care.

Emma’s search may just be kicking off, and our strength at Mindstrong is that we can support everyone seeking to mental health improvement — even those with serious mental illness.

With strength,

Ceili (Kay-lee)

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Ceili Cascarano
Ceili Cascarano

Ceili (Kay-lee) is a strategist and business builder with experience in digital health, CPG, telehealth, and healthcare. She's driven growth as both a commercial leader and in corporate venture capital, identifying new verticals, products, technologies, and business models. Ceili loves connecting great people and great ideas.