World Mental Health Day 2022

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Every October 10th, people across the globe come together to celebrate World Mental Health Day. The main objective of the day is to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilize support efforts around the world. Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) assigns a different theme to guide the advocacy efforts— some exist as standalone goals, such as focusing on suicide prevention, and others are bit more lofty and longstanding. Last year, the day highlighted the idea of making “mental health care for all” a reality. This year, the WHO is encouraging us to make mental health and well-being a global priority.

Trusting your instincts and listening to your mental health needs are the most important aspect of maintaining mental well-being. It’s okay to put your mental health first, in fact, it should be normalized.

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While World Mental Health Day is a wonderful opportunity for people to showcase the work they’re doing to help others, setting aside time to focus on self-care is an equally important and impactful way to celebrate today’s holiday. That’s why Mindstrong prioritizes mental health and well-being for all 365 days of the year. We provide people with the resources and support that they need to live a happier and healthier life— no matter where they are on their mental health care journey.

In the spirit of caring and sharing, Mindstrong’s own employees offered some of their favorite tips for taking care of themselves and why these methods have helped them along their own pathway toward feeling better.

Go to therapy! Every therapist needs a good therapist.

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Of all the sage advice collected, scheduling a session with a mental health care professional was a top choice for employees when it came to checking-in on their mental health.

Here are some reasons why therapy might be right for you:

  • Significant life events can make a big impact. Therapy can help identify and work through your emotions related to unexpected changes in life.
  • Physical symptoms can be related to mental health. If your emotions are feeling out of sorts, your digestive system can often follow suit. Talking things out not only helps your mental health— it helps your physical health too!
  • Finding the motivation to complete tasks can be difficult. By setting smaller, more achievable goals, therapy can help you find the strength to tackle your to-do list with confidence.
  • The way you communicate in your relationships can be affected. Getting down to the core of what you want and need can encourage much healthier communication patterns in all of your relationships.
  • You don’t need to know exactly how you’re feeling in order to get help. Therapists can provide insight and feedback on what you’re going through so you don’t feel as though you’re dealing with everything on your own.

When you’re having a tough time, reaching out for help may feel overwhelming. That’s why Mindstrong makes scheduling a session super simple and convenient— you can book an appointment with us in just a few simple steps!

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