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Digital biomarkers of cognitive function

Paul Dagum

This publication describes the study used to identify digital biomarkers that predict performance on gold standard neurocognitive tests.

RELATED CONTENT: Behind the Paper. This accompanying article describes the story behind Mindstrong’s technology, and the journey Paul Dagum, Founder and CEO, took to develop the pioneering concept and work.

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Assessing Anhedonia with Quantitative Tasks, Digital and Patient Reported Measures in a Multi-Center, Double-Blind Trial With BTRX-246040 for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder

Annette Madrid, Daniel Smith, Sarah Alvarez-Horine, Kerensa Saljooqi, Paul Dagum, Atul Mahableshwarkar

This poster reports preliminary results from a Phase 2A trial of BTRX-246040, a potent and selective antagonist of the human nociception receptor (NOPR), as a treatment for anhedonia in patients with major depressive disorder. Mindstrong’s digital phenotyping is one of the outcome measures being used to assess efficacy.

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Join the Disruptors of Health Science

Thomas R. Insel

This Commentary describes the changing ecosystem as small and large tech companies become involved in biomedical research and healthcare.

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Digital Phenotyping: Technology for a New Science of Behavior

Thomas R. Insel

This JAMA Viewpoint article describes digital phenotyping as a new technology for providing passive, objective, continuous information for diagnosing and monitoring mental illness.