How Mindstrong Can Help You

The entire clinical team here at Mindstrong wants to make sure you feel supported. We’re here to help you develop a mental health routine that supports you through this season. Here are some steps you can take to manage coronavirus-related emotional distress.

Continue with your mental health treatment.

Although the coronavirus pandemic affects your usual daily routines, the most important thing is to continue with your regular treatment, if possible. This includes taking all your medications as prescribed, attending your therapy sessions, and going to your doctor appointments.

You have a number of resources available to you as a Mindstrong member:

  • Dedicated Therapist. Whether you already have a therapist or not, a dedicated Mindstrong therapist is available to help you with ongoing care through scheduled sessions or moments of crisis.
  • Dedicated Psychiatrist. A Mindstrong psychiatrist can help you review your prescriptions and dosages, obtain refills, and coordinate with your other doctors if you want help.
  • Virtual Clinical Care. Mindstrong clinical services are virtual, so you can continue to talk to your dedicated therapists and psychiatrists over the phone, through the app, or via video chat, even if you can’t get out to see your therapist in person.

What can our therapists do to help?

As you might be finding, this is a particularly difficult time for your mental health. But you’re not alone, our therapists are trained in a wide range of therapy approaches to give you the tools, skills and habits to stay positive and resilient.

We tailor each session to meet your needs and work collaboratively with you to find unique strengths to help you overcome this difficult time. We are available to support you process your experience and manage your emotions by learning alternative coping strategies. We also help build resilience by identifying and practicing daily habits, such as gratitude, journaling or thought evaluation, and will teach you stress-reducing techniques to help manage the anxiety and fear that many of us, including here at Mindstrong, are currently feeling. We offer care coordination with your external providers to ensure that you are at the center and address your needs. As always, we remain available 24/7 to help you in moments of distress.