Just what the doctor ordered.

We've been in the business of making people better. Now we're in the business of making care delivery better, too.

Re-imagining how care is delivered.

We offer text-based cognitive behavioral therapy for people living with a serious mental illness. And video sessions with psychiatrists, too.

Our therapists use evidence-based approaches in structured, goal-oriented messaging sessions.


Keeping you in the loop.

We aim to close gaps in care by coordinating with our patient’s existing healthcare team and helping with any additional services.

People sense is business sense.

The impact of our work is looking up. Mental and physical health costs are down. So are inpatient readmissions, and ER admissions.

*We'll be publishing our care model findings in 2020.

The nitty-gritty.

We are able to deliver care quickly. This is critical for post-discharge quality and HEDIS measures.