How to Practice Self-Compassion

We can often be too hard on ourselves for things we “should” be doing or the way we “should” be feeling. This tends to affect our self-esteem. Practicing self-compassion can be a way to ease that inner critic and find peace of mind. 

Try out the RAIN technique.

  • Recognize: Take a moment to recognize what’s going on inside you and acknowledge how you’re feeling
  • Allow: Practice allowing whatever thoughts and emotions might be inside you without having to change anything
  • Investigate: Use this as an opportunity to be curious about your thoughts and feelings. Where do you feel them in your body? What do these sensations make me believe about myself and the world?
  • Nurture: Imagine a time where you’ve offered compassion to a friend or family member. Now what kind of compassionate words can you offer yourself? Even just giving yourself permission to feel whatever you feel is a loving gesture