Here’s how Mindstrong works for you:

Step 1

Saying hi.

We partner with many health insurance companies so that our services are affordable.

We'll reach out to let you know if you qualify. You might also hear from your insurance company, too.

saying hi
Step 2

Getting enrolled.

Getting signed up for Mindstrong is easy, and we can help you along the way.

Download the Mindstrong smartphone app and complete your intake. Intake is where we'll go over your health history, current medications, and your other doctors. 

Step 3

Schedule your sessions.

You'll be paired with one of our therapists or care partners, and we'll build out a care plan, together. Your first session will be scheduled for you, and you can always reschedule to a time that works best for you.

Step 4

Therapy with our therapists.

Therapy happens over messaging, video, or the phone in our mobile app with our own therapists. They use evidence-based approaches in structured, goal-oriented sessions.

Our approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Coping and Emotion Regulation, Psychoeducation, Crisis Management, Reflective Listening, and Empathy.

Step 5

Services with our psychiatrists.

You can also video chat with our psychiatrists. They can help with medication management. This means things like new prescriptions, and refills.

Since some drugs are controlled, we'll also work with your existing psychiatrist or doctor to make sure you get what you need.

Step 6

Measurement in mental health.

Once you download our app, our technology starts to get an idea for how you tap, scroll and type on your phone—but we never see what you're doing.

How you passively use your smartphone—typing, swiping, scrolling—is a new way to measure things like your stress, mental health symptoms, and well-being. You'll also be welcomed to take industry recommended surveys to measure your symptom improvements over time.

You can track your measurements in the mobile app, and they’re shared with your clinical team so they can provide you with more personalized care.

Step 7

Plan for the unplanned.

We're here for you when something comes up in between your scheduled sessions.

24/7. 365 days. Always.


Watch D.V.'s video to learn how Mindstrong can offer support during hard times.