Annual Election Period FAQs

As you plan for this year’s Annual Election Period, keep in mind that your Mindstrong membership is offered through your current health insurance plan. That means, if you decide to choose a different health insurance carrier for 2021, you may no longer be eligible to continue to use our services.

If you do need to make any changes to your plan, the continuation of your care is the highest priority for us. If you have any questions about what this might mean for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can message us in the Mindstrong app or give us a call at (888) 995-2230.

We’ve also included some FAQ’s below:

  • If I need to change my insurance carrier, when will I have to stop using Mindstrong’s services?
    • Once your current plan has ended, we will begin the discharge process.
  • What is the discharge process exactly?
    • We want to make sure you’re supported through your transition of care. So once your current plan ends, we will continue to provide crisis support for a limited period of time, as defined by state guidelines. We will notify you as soon as the full discharge process is complete and you can no longer use the Mindstrong app.
  • Are there any other reasons I might lose my Mindstrong membership?
    • If you’re on a Humana plan, and you move to a state outside of TX, CO, AZ, WA, TN, NY, SC, GA you will no longer be eligible to receive care through Mindstrong.
    • If you’re on a UnitedHealthCare plan and move to a state outside of OH, you will no longer be eligible to receive care through Mindstrong
  • If I just change my plan, but keep my insurance carrier, can I continue to use Mindstrong?
    • Eligibility is based on both carrier and plan type. Please check with your Mindstrong care team if the carrier and plan you are considering changing are eligible.