How to start measuring your charts – Android

Welcome to the Mindstrong family! Now that you’ve downloaded the app, you have one last step to complete your enrollment. In order to use the app to track and measure your mental health symptoms, you need to update the settings on your phone.

Why track your measurement in the app? Click here to learn more.

Watch this video, or follow the step-by-step instructions below to update your settings, and finish your enrollment!

1. Open the Mindstrong app and tap “View your charts” in the top right screen.


2. You should see your name and Mindstrong ID. Scroll to the bottom and click “Start measuring.”

3. You’ll see a step-by-step guide of how to update your settings. Scroll to the bottom and click “Open Accessibility”. Note: this will take you out of the Mindstrong app, and into your phone’s settings.

4. You should be taken directly to the “Accessibility” section in your settings. Once here, select “Mindstrong.”

5. Toggle on (swipe the circle to the right) “Use service”. Once you do this, you’ll see a card pop up – hit “Allow.” Once these steps are complete, tap the back arrow (on the bottom of the screen) twice until you’re back in the Mindstrong app.

As a reminder, your information is and always will stay private and protected. Mindstrong never sees what you are doing, or the content in your phone. 



6. You’re all set! Once you see this screen in the Mindstrong app, click “Complete” and start using the Mindstrong app. If you haven’t already make sure to schedule your first session with your dedicated therapist.