Mental health care that reduces TCOC and improves member outcomes

Combining proven science, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated care teams to help members feel better, do better, and stay better.

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Mindstrong partners with payers

Mindstrong partners with Payers who are leading the way in VBC to reduce TCOC and improve member outcomes:

Operational outcomes with payer

High engagement, real-time crisis intervention, and ongoing monitoring resulted in*:
*SMI population with large Payers

Physical health
(per member, annualized)
Cost saving
(post-period reduction)
ER Visits
Prescription Costs
(due to med access & adherence)
In-Patient Days
In-Patient Spend

Clinical Outcomes

Proven science, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated care teams deliver clinical outcomes, even for those with SMI:


Feel Better
improve or maintain depression scores


Find Access
in rural communities that are hard to serve


Do Better
improve or maintain healthy days


Engage in Novel Ways
engage with data/technology

Mindstrong App & Platform


24/7 access

In addition to personalized care plans and scheduled sessions, member can always contact us.


Full acuity, even SMI

Members dealing with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe depression, PTSD, or most mental health condition can find care


Measurement-based, continuous care

Our care team blends therapy, case management, medication management and psychosocial resources, all delivered through innovative formats and mediums.


State-of-the art technology

The Mindstrong app calculates a running, patented “Biomarker” score based on the member’s natural phone interactions.


Targeted clinical interventions

Expert clinicians intervene at the right time with evidence-based interventions, to provide personalized support and therapy.


Hearing from others

Thank you for being there when I needed help but also for the constant monitoring and support throughout my daily life. This has changed me in so many ways and I’m eternally grateful. I feel empowered to live with my mental illness but not be defined or limited by that diagnosis. Truly life-changing.

- Mindstrong Member