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We’re unlocking innovation in personalized mental healthcare, using clinical design, data science, and technology.

Evidence-based approaches to improve health outcomes.

Our priority is to help our members live fulfilled lives, no matter their diagnosis. We use well established, evidence-based approaches and methods of measurement in our care delivery. 

We use industry standard measures like the DSM-5, CGI-S, CGI-I, and other validated methods to inform personalized care.

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We’re building on top of evidence-based measures, and adding objective data inputs created by a person's unique digital footprint— sometimes called “digital phenotyping”. Our work has focused on human-computer interactions such as taps, scrolls, clicks and other activities on a smartphone touchscreen. We’re always thinking of new ways to add objective data inputs.

Personalized care, supported by measurement.

Our members are empowered to participate in their care. We work together to craft personalized care plans. We are driven to help support our members on their unique care journeys, combining the power of evidence-based approaches with a pinch of pioneering curiosity.