Justin Baker, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Justin Baker is a pioneer in the field of digital mental health, working at the intersection of consumer technology, neuroscience, and clinical psychiatry to develop and employ mental health solutions to meet the vast unmet need for high quality mental health services. Prior to his role with Mindstrong, he led academic collaborations or advised numerous private sector companies innovating in mental health technology, including Ginger, WellFrame, Valera Health, Pear Therapeutics, AbleTo, Apple, Blackthorn Therapeutics, and most recently Verily Life Sciences, where he helped launch the Baseline Mood Study, a large research study to identify smartphone-based digital biomarkers in depression.

In 2016, Justin founded the innovation-focused Institute for Technology in Psychiatry at McLean Hospital, one the nation’s top free-standing psychiatric hospitals, where he runs a research laboratory as the institute’s scientific director. His research uses a combination of biological approaches (e.g., neuroimaging) with digital approaches (e.g., smartphone, wearables, and audio-visual recordings) to enable high-fidelity longitudinal, multimodal studies in complex, dynamic illnesses. Eager to pave the way for sustainable integration of scientific and technical advances into real-world clinical deployments, Justin has a long-standing interest in the ethical, social, and legal implications of these approaches, with federal funding and a former role helping direct the Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at Mass General Hospital. Justin is also a board certified psychiatrist on the faculty at Harvard Medical School with a PhD in neuroscience from Washington University.

Justin spends his time away from Mindstrong and the lab making things (e.g., backyard treehouse, music, food) with his family in Cambridge, Mass.