Paul Dagum, MD, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Paul Dagum, MD, PhD is an entrepreneur, physician and computer scientist with a track record of bringing product, technology and business model innovation into healthcare, cybersecurity and supply chain through four successful venture-backed companies as founder, CSO, CTO and CEO.

Dr. Dagum’s early pioneering research in dynamic Bayesian networks is in use in many modern-day applications. He further developed and patented massively scalable algorithms for big data science in use by the world’s largest data companies, created and patented the first digital measures of brain function from human-computer interactions captured passively from a mobile device, and designed a novel care model for mental health built on a foundation of continuous measurement and AI informed telehealth services. Dr. Dagum led NSF and NIH grants while at Stanford University, published over 75 peer-review articles and book chapters in computer science and medicine, and was awarded over 25 patents.

Dr. Dagum received an MSc in theoretical physics, PhD in theoretical computer science both from the University of Toronto and an MD and surgical residency training at Stanford University.