A strong model of care proven in outcomes.

Our holistic approach meets members where they are to build on their strengths.

Mindstrong makes the most of data and technology to provide continuous, personalized care that maximizes long-term success for every member.

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The best science delivered with care


Empathetic, continuous care

Get access to an entire community of therapists, psychiatrists and care partners, specially trained in Mindstrong’s model and technology. All here to provide expert care with empathy.


Proven scientific approach

We’ve helped thousands of people significantly improve their mental health. A majority of members — even those with serious mental illness — report feeling better with reduced symptoms.


State-of-the-art tech

Powered by machine learning, our mobile app learns anonymously across millions of data points to help us suggest the most effective, personalized care currently possible.

Achieving strong results for members

Our data-driven technology and compassionate care teams are key to achieving results for members with serious mental illness. By caring for these hardest-to-treat conditions with success, we’re confident our methods will produce the same or better outcomes for many forms of mental illness.


of members improve or maintain Depression scores*


of members improve or maintain Anxiety scores*


Members have reported up to 73% improvement in symptoms*


Members experience a 20% improvement in overall mood and functioning within 5 therapy sessions*

* These scores are impressive for a member population like ours where a majority of people have a serious mental illness.

Outstanding service that puts members first

Broad range of therapies

We create personalized care plans that draw from a variety of providers and treatment options to meet the unique needs of each member. CBT, ACT, DBT, person-centered care, meditation and mindfulness therapies are all available.


sessions completed with our dedicated provider team

Prevention and early intervention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of recovery. Our AI-enabled technology is specifically designed to spot the signs of a developing crisis and intervene. We’ll check in with you and notify your care team if we think you’re at risk.


of our members remain engaged in their care beyond 90 days

Caring for the whole person

It’s extra challenging to stay mentally healthy if you struggle financially, feel isolated, or have trouble with everyday activities. We’ve stepped in to help members with a variety of needs, including housing, bill payments, and local support.


of our licensed clinicians are trained to provide culturally responsive care

Improvement through information

Our measurement-based care model uses data to track progress and make decisions that ensure your treatment reflects any changes in your needs. Thanks to our advanced AI technology, we’re able to capture and analyze data from three important sources.

Data comes from:

Sessions with your care team

Your provider takes notes and updates your Care Plan with you in session.

Self-assessment surveys

You report on your mood, activities, and changes in your symptoms so we can track patterns and progress.

Passive data from your phone activity

If you opt in to passive monitoring, how you use your phone is analyzed for changes that could signal an oncoming crisis.

Building strong bonds to create change

The high quality of our services are reflected in our excellent “therapeutic alliance” ratings, which measure the strength of the bond between patient and provider. A strong, trusting relationship is the best indicator of being able to achieve positive change.



Licensed Therapy



Licensed Psychiatry



Care Partner Services

"My care manager from Mindstrong, Michela, she messaged me every single day to make sure I was okay."

On the eve of a very triggering anniversary, Mindstrong made sure they got extra support and attention that engaged her in a recovery-focused plan to avert a crisis.

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